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Most children who do not yet write will improve their ability throughout the school years. Parents like to save our children’s first writing -except for homework. Writing is a big part of children’s daily life at school, but sometimes not at home. Therefore, it is important that parents have a peek at this web-site and help children develop good writing skills during the elementary years. Technological advancements in education have taught us that the development of reading and writing are intertwined in children’s early learning. Writing words increases the child’s ability to read. The complementary relationship between reading and writing continues long after these first efforts, so parents can help improve these skills greatly by fostering the habit of writing in childhood. The first step is to allow phonetic writing instead of worrying too much about the correct spelling. A language-rich environment is the foundation of good writing. Learn easy ways to build a child’s language through games and activities that develop vocabulary and increase the range of words that the child will know to write correctly. The word games are classic and the fun is guaranteed for the whole family. Another idea is to check your child’s homework and check for possible spelling and punctuation errors to reinforce their skills. When your child is writing, allow him to draft so that, if necessary, he checks what he should modify later in the writing. Marking the errors in the writing is important so that the child can correct it and become aware of the mistakes made.

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