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T Test in its Application to Aggressive Behavior to a Small Group of Students Essay

T tests for dependent variables are of great value when it comes to the calculations and treatments of aggressive behavior in students. It is important to note that when it comes to small groups of students the tests will usually give results which are to be analyzed further as opposed to large groups which are normally distributed.


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We are going to describe the importance of this test on these groups and the reasons why the t-test is more preferred compared to other statistical tests in the treatment of aggressive behavior in particular student groups.

For this case it is the application of a new approach to this group of students therefore we will have to use the basic assumptions used in the t tests. The fact that Z will always follow the normal distribution therefore in this case we will use the basic statistical analysis to apply the new approach.

The t test can greatly help in the application of this approach since many tests can be carried out in the analysis. It is also wise to use the t test because <a href=></a> it carries several tests under which the true results can be easily determined.

It can be used in the null hypothesis as we all know; this is a hypothesis that cannot be proved under any means possible. It is just there by default and therefore nothing can be done on it.

For our case the application in this test may be that a result of an action or a crime may have arisen out of the aggression of the group of students. They may always be culpable of the actions unless something happens to warrant otherwise thinking.

The other important use of the t test in the treatment of this particular group of students is that a simple test on the students can easily tell the other variable apart from the dependent variable. Say for the students whereby the dependent variable is the behavior of the students. All the other parameters defined in the determination of the results of the test.


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Here a few samples maybe used to give us an overview of the overall results like the two sample test of the null hypothesis. This is because the assumption that there is a population whose sample variance will be assumed to be zero.

Finally a t test can be used to test the difference of the regression line slope from the origin which is zero. The mere fact that Z and s are assumed to be functions of the data and the sensitivity of Z shows how useful the t tests are.

The t test will mostly be preferred to most tests because it offers flexibility of the variables in the determination of the null hypothesis. T test sample does not require for the group being tested be of equal size like other tests.

However the sample size and should be within the same parameters since the hypotheses to be extracted out of the test have to be based on some particular set of variables. A t test is also preferable to use because of its simplicity and its straightforwardness

Finally the issue of dependent variables on this topic where the students aggressive behavior is being tested using a new approach will easily be applied since in almost all tests done on students, the t test will definitely apply. The tests will depend on the variances that have been arrived at in drawing their conclusions game cube roms