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SEC Telegram epic joined to rightholders

Representatives of the Association for the Protection of Rights on the Internet (AZAPO) said the Commission on the US Securities and Exchange (the SEC), which have serious concerns about the launch cryptocurrency Gram. The fact that, in their opinion, TON platform may become the largest pirate site.

 It became known in the course of communication the general director of the organization Maxim Ryabyko reporters „Interfax”. The essence of the appeal lies in the fact that right holders are asked to analyze the SEC possible risks associated with money laundering, which were acquired in criminal ways.

 According to representatives of the organization, the launch may be accompanied by Gram cryptocurrency involvement TON platform trading and monetization of illegal content. Thus, the turnover of the cryptocurrency and proceeds indirectly connected with it, may entail a number of risks.

 Ryabyko adds that, most likely, these issues in any case be given in the framework of the platform owners SEC Telegram claim. Representatives AZAPO offer an alternative: solution may be compulsory introduction of digital prints. However, there are non-zero probability that cryptocurrency Durov TON Telegram and will never go to a deal in which user data will be made public.

 Scheme proposed AZAPO, is already working on an example of the interaction of YouTube – the company itself re-checks the content in accordance with the database owners. Thus, the platform publish only quality and legal content.

 The organization represents the interests of the largest Russian publishers, including the „Alpina Publisher” and „Eksmo-ACT.”

 In October it was reported that the Telegram Group postpones release of Gram cryptocurrency TON due to the temporary cessation of trading tokens in the United States. The ban has been associated with the filing SEC Gram claim.

 The company turned to investors, by means of which had been collected $ 1.7 billion, and said that he would do everything possible to eliminate the misunderstanding TON SEC.

 Thus SEC focused attention on the fact that issuers are not entitled to circumvent legal requirements, calling his product „digital token.”

 According to the organization, Telegram planned to get all the benefits of a public offering, at the same time not made public information that could harm investors. As a result of legal requirements cryptocurrency Durov TON disregarded.

 Recall that cryptocurrency can help eliminate the consequences of natural disasters.

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