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The main products derived from an ostrich are: skin, feathers, eggs and meat.




Ostrich skin is a unique and exclusive product. Because of the remarkable qualities of this exotic item, such as unique texture, durability, moisture resistance, it has been used for a variety of applications. In the hands of talented designers and artisans, it may become: a wallet, purse, handbag, belt, gloves.





Ostrich feathers are in very high demand as interior decoration elements and are used as an exclusive addition by fashion designers. This natural product has an enormous potential for use and, for this reason, fashion for wearing ostrich feathers will not fade away. An ostrich feather reaches a length of 70 cm. It is soft and fluffy.





Painted, carved, engraved, chiselled, openwork – ostrich egg shells. This is an exceptional product derived from the largest egg in the world.





All of this can be found in our gift shop.





We have been awarded a medal at the Poznań International Fair for ostrich leather products, which provides a confirmation of quality.